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Head Office : +91 8010996622

Preet Vihar, Delhi Centre : +91 9289773426

Vasundhara, Ghaziabad Centre : +91 7005216639

Orai, UP Centre : +91 8009169446

Head Office

+91 8010996622 copy

Preet Vihar, Delhi Centre

+91 9289773426 copy

Vasundhara, Ghaziabad Centre

+91 7005216639 copy

Orai, UP Centre

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Directors Message

In the 21st century, technology is transforming society, economy, and cultures across the globe. We all as an agent of change have roles to play in this revolution and must strive to help India realize its dream of becoming a developed country by the 100th year of our independence.

This development needs to be inclusive, sustainable, and responsible. To ensure that, we need to keep a few considerations in mind.

The first agent of positive change in society is innovation- which stems from continuous learning and creative thinking. India's vast diversity and richness can inspire innovation and provide novel solutions to intractable problems faced by our society and economy. A positive mindset, mutual encouragement, and a solution-driven approach while looking to improve the lives of people are the enabling factors to realize this aspiration.

The relentless pursuit of consumerism without regard for nature and the environment has brought us close to an environmental catastrophe whose adverse impacts are being felt all around us and not only threaten the present but the future generations too. In order to avoid this we must shun thoughtless action and promote alternate solutions that promote sustainable development. At the institutional and individual levels, environmental consciousness needs to be instilled in all individuals and their actions.

Another, virtue that must accompany the quest for growth and development is mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is crucial to maintain positivity and leading a purpose-driven life. Mindfulness in our actions, thoughts, and speech inspires clarity of thought and composure in our lives and empowers us with temperance during success and failure.

Finally, society plays a vital role in our personal and professional development and we owe a great deal to it. Those who are fortunate and capable have a moral duty toward the less fortunate and needy. Altruism, sacrifice, and giving are considered among the best form of act one can perform. These create a virtuous cycle leading to peace and prosperity for all

To achieve development and inclusive growth in the true sense we must have an attitude of giving back to society and inspiring social consciousness in order to achieve development and inclusive growth in the true sense.So that our nation rises to higher levels of endeavor and achievement.

Directors Profile

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, is the founder and Director, of VisionIAS (Ajay Vision Education Private Limited), within the Umbrella Organisation of Ajayvision Education Private Limited, popular with its brand name VISION IAS he has established additional entities such as Infinity Vision, Galaxy Classes, and Student Edge.

His dedication to innovation, well-researched modern curriculum, effective pedagogy, digital learning platforms, and modern technological interventions have led to the success of thousands of students in the civil services examination. Furthermore, he has transformed VISION IAS and other entities from a training institute to a research and training institute in the education sector.

He has a profound interest in spiritual discourses and wisdom, developing life skills of the self and others, focusing on creative learning, empathy, and understanding human psychology as well as counseling and mentoring.

The biggest strength of his leadership lies in his empathetic and people-centric approach, which guides the core and very functioning of the organization. His visionary leadership and guidance, have resulted in the transformation of Vision IAS and other entities into a pan-India organization and currently employs more than a thousand skilled people.

Beyond the corporate sector, he extends his contributions and commitments to NGOs such as Paras India, which is dedicated to the empowerment and education of underprivileged individuals excluded from the formal education system.

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh Ji's humble demeanor, empathetic attitude, mindfulness, and reachability have endeared him to his students and employees alike constantly seek passion for hard work, innovation, and humanism is guided by his dream for a better and stronger India.